The best hairdresser in Wynnum is where?

Manly actually

A local news outlet (you’ll have to guess which one) recently ran a poll to find out who the best hairdresser was in Wynnum. And the winner was… a hairdresser in Manly! We’re sure the winners are fantastic, our only concern is geographical – they’re not in Wynnum!

So to correct this we are running our own poll and any hairdresser based in 4178 is welcome to take part – we know there’s no shortage of hairdressers in Wynnum. Please send your nominations in (hairdressers are welcome to nominate themselves) and we’ll put it to the vote on the WynnumCentral site.

A spokesperson for the Republic of Wynnum suggested another option – annex Manly and call it ‘Greater Wynnum’.

To nominate a Wynnum-based hairdresser send your nomination in to [email protected] or in the comments section of our Facebook post.

Main image: courtesy Top Katz hair salon, Wynnum.

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