It’s election time again

Brisbane City Council elections next month

It’s been four years since the last council elections and so we’re due for the next round in just over three weeks. Quite a lot has changed since then – particularly in the Wynnum and Bayside area.

WynnumCentral is planning to interview all candidates in the runup to the election, so if yo have any burning questions you’d like us to ask them, please send your questions through to us, along with your name (first and last) via email to [email protected].

Take our quick survey (this survey is now closed)

We have also put together a very short – and totally anonymous – survey for anyone who will be voting in the Wynnum/Manly ward this time around. It’s a quick survey where we ask…

  • Which party candidate you voted for in the last elections (even if you were living in a different part of Brisbane)
  • Which candidate in the Wynnum/Manly ward you’d vote for if the election was on tomorrow (and which Mayoral candidate)
  • Your age bracket/gender (you can opt not to tell us your gender)
  • What you think is the most important issue of this election

We are also looking at the possibility of a short 1 hour (free) ‘open’ evening meeting where you can get to meet all the candidates and ask them your (presubmitted) questions – a bit like Q&A. In the survey we ask if you would be interested in coming along to an event like this.

Important dates

The important dates to remember are…

Monday 4th March – early voting starts
Monday 4th March – applications for postal voting closes (7pm)
Saturday 16th March – Election Day (polling booths open 8am-6pm)
Saturday 16th March – postal vote completion deadline (6pm)
Tuesday, 26 March – postal vote return deadline

Where to vote

Early Voting Centre
89 Tingal Road, Wynnum, QLD Australia 4178

Polling Booths
Here are the locations of the polling booths on Election Day…

Lota State School
26 Richard Street, Lota, QLD Australia 4179

Manly West State School
226 Manly Road, Manly West, QLD Australia 4179

Wynnum-Manly Alliance Church Hall
60 Preston Road, MANLY WEST, QLD Australia 4179

Wondall Heights State School
260 Wondall Road, MANLY WEST, QLD Australia 4179

Wynnum State School
81 Boxgrove Avenue, WYNNUM, QLD Australia 4178

St Peter’s Anglican Church Hall
86 Bride Street, WYNNUM, QLD Australia 4178

Guardian Angels Catholic Church
198 Bay Terrace, Wynnum, QLD Australia 4178

Wynnum West State School
2036 Wynnum Road, WYNNUM WEST, QLD Australia 4178

More info here.

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