Wynnum cinema closes after three years

Will it reopen?

Just days after announcing that they were going into voluntary administration, Majestic cinemas announced on February 12th that they were closing three of the cinemas in the group, including Wynnum.

The statement reads…

“Despite facing challenges in reaching agreements at a few locations, the team is making a strategic move to focus on a more streamlined and efficient operation resulting in the closure of three of its cinemas in Wynnum (QLD), Singleton (NSW), and Nelson Bay (NSW). The last sessions at these
sites were on Sunday, 11 February 2024.”

This is a blow to the local community that had made it abundantly clear (for example here) that the number one thing it wanted in Wynnum was a cinema. In the original statement on 1st February, the cinema group explained some of the reasons (read more here) for the administration and now the closure.

The developers of the building where the cinema is located, Ham Bros Group, have recently commented on the closure.

Justin Ham

“We are just as disappointed as the rest of Wynnum to see Majestic close their doors,” said Justin Ham, Managing Director of Ham Bros Group. “To have it close its doors three years on is certainly not an outcome we envisioned.”

Ham Bros Group remains resolute in their commitment to keeping the cinema operating. “At this stage, we still believe there’s a market for it, and we are committed to keeping the cinema alive,” emphasised Ham.

Ham and his team are actively exploring options to revitalise the space.

Ham Bros Group acknowledges the importance of ensuring that movie-watching remains affordable for all members of the community – “the first thing we will do is make sure it’s a lot more affordable to see a movie moving forward.” said Ham.

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