27 storey residential development proposed for Wynnum Central

Just over two weeks ago Ham Bros, the developers behind the new cinema and residential complex in Berrima Street and the owners of the Wynnum Wellness Hub on the corner of Bay Terrace and Florence Street (the old ‘IGA Centre’), put in another development application which – if granted in its present form – would see the building of a 27 storey residential tower on currently vacant land immediately behind the Wynnum Wellness Hub in Charlotte Street (74 Charlotte Street).

“Our project is designed to put Wynnum CBD on the ‘open for business’ map.” Ham Bros director Justin Ham

The current Neighbourhood Plan issued by Brisbane City Council back in 2009, although it increased permissible heights of buildings in Wynnum Central to up to 8 stories, would on the face of it not allow the building of the proposed development.

In submitting the proposal anyway, Ham Bros director Justin Ham said that Wynnum Central lags behind other Brisbane suburbs with the same zoning* and that the lack of taller residential buildings meant that the Wynnum retail/entertainment precinct suffered as a consequence.

Excerpt from Annex D of the application – Economic Report

“Our project is designed to put Wynnum CBD on the ‘open for business’ map.” Mr Ham stated in the development application. He added that the current Neighbourhood Plan was over a decade old, whereas other suburbs with the same designation had had their plans updated more recently and in addition allowed for taller developments (see table above).

He added that if the project got the green light it would take three years to complete, meaning it would be up in time for the Olympic Games in 2032.

Here are some details on the proposed development…

  • 27 stories
  • 275 apartments (mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed units plus 6 penthouses)
  • 463 car spaces
  • 2 pools – one on the rooftop and the other on level 5
  • restaurant
  • gym
  • function room
  • retail and office space (5600m2)
  • development would be called ‘Ora’ (Latin word meaning a number of things including ‘edge’, ‘coast’, ‘shore’, ‘boundary’, ‘border’ and ‘rim’)
  • $130m project
Excerpt from Annex D of the application – Economic Report

The development proposal already has the written support of the owners of over 40 retail/commercial properties in Wynnum Central.

What do you think of the proposed development? Are you for or against? Do you think it would be good for the central shopping precinct in Wynnum?


*as set out in Annex D of the application – Economic Report “Delivering on Wynnum’s Economic Potential: Impact Assessment” prepared by Urban Economics for Wynnum Commerce Inc. September 2021. The report specifically mentions the 2014 Brisbane CityPlan (and SEQ Regional Plan) identifying ‘Major Regional Activity Centres’ in the Brisbane City Council area (of which Wynnum is one)…

Excerpt from Annex D of the application – Economic Report


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  1. If this proposal is approved, together with the new BMD building, it will bring more people and business opportunities to the Wynnum precinct. That can only be a good thing for the area. I understand Councillor Cummings has concerns about the height but I do hope he will appreciate the advantages to Wynnum this complex can provide.

  2. We are in desperate need of affordable housing, and an injection of properties like this would be ideal – provided they aren’t all bought by investors.

    What would make this project more attractive to locals is if some of the 275 apartments were available for low income families. I know an ambulance driver who almost became homeless when his landlord doubled his rent recently (up on the Northside) and he and his wife took a month to find a reasonable rental for them and their three kids.

    The UK has an excellent framework council should consider in future Neighbourhood Planning: 10% of large developments are required to be allocated to affordable housing. Having developers factor this into their submissions would go a long way to help our housing crisis.

  3. I am against a 27 story development. What people have to remember is that Wynnum is a destination – not a pass through.
    We lack road infrastructure to support growth of that magnitude with no room for road expansion. Look at Wynnum Road!
    Workers struggle to get into Wynnum at peak hours.
    We have empty retail spaces available.
    Despite all the people who gave positive reviews on the building of a cinema it has failed to get a packed cinema and if you try to get food gold class from across the road at Waterloo Bay Hotel, wait times are ridiculous and the cafe has not opened to help support the wonderful people who are employed at the cinema.
    Keep building height capped to 8 stories or we will end up like the west end with no street parking and access to and from the area for people looking for a beach retreat or family weekend bbq’s.
    Remember why you grew up or moved to this area.
    Manly will not allow builds over 3 or 4 stories and we should remain the same.
    BDM will also have retail spaces.
    Progress is wonderful but i am sure you will not see cheap housing offered through this developer.

  4. The idea of constructing a building of this height in one of the developing bay side areas of Brisbane is one of the best advancements proposed for our area yet. Building to this height will import all the benefits of needed accommodation and increased business linked to it yet consume a minimal footprint to the land area in the bay side which is fast becoming scarce. It is comforting to note the inclusion of car parking in the proposal which appears to adequately address the increased vehicles such a build will bring.
    There should be more proposals like this along the whole of the Wynnum, Manly and Lota ridge line. I would not support such high buildings closer to the foreshore however.
    I am pleased to support this build noting it addresses the needs of our children in the future, and not just those of us already here. There will be naysayers but they will be thinking of short term needs and most likely just themselves. They should be thinking more of their children and those coming after them, not forgetting those who will migrate to this area to share in the benefits of bay side living.
    A build of this size is building for our future and is consistent with the needs of our increasing population which is unstoppable. I am a local resident in Wynnum and have been since the mid-1960s. I have no commercial interest in this proposal, but I will certainly enjoy the benefits it will bring.

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