Back in January our first breakfast meeting was a review of projects planned for the year. What we could not foresee was a global pandemic and so as a result many of these projects had to be postponed or cancelled. This meeting will include a very quick update on where those projects are and what new projects are either in place or in planning during COVID-19.

Apart from this, the meeting is – as ever – an opportunity for local business people to meet and talk with each other over breakfast!

Due to current COVID-19 measures, we have to limit this meeting to a max of 20 people and collect a little more information from you (mobile phone/address) at booking for the venue so you won’t need to ‘sign in’ when you arrive.

Tickets include a drink of your choice and a choice of light breakfasts (both of which you choose when you book in). Earlybird tickets run until 7am Sunday 16th August. Members remember to use your member promo code to access 50% off. See you there!

Book in on our Events page.

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