A new column called simply ‘In Business’ is now appearing every fortnight in the Wynnum Herald, written by Wynnum Business General Manager David Bateson. The column alternates with a similar fortnightly column contributed by Manly Chamber of Commerce President David Farley.

In case you missed them, here are the two columns published to date…

Wed 19th April

Let’s Talk… Wynnum Business

Just over a year ago the Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce (which changed its name last year to CCIQ Brisbane Bayside) decided to close its doors after 64 years.

When it decided to close it was a shock and surprise to many people, including many of its own members. The big question then was – did the area need a group representing local businesses any more? Does any suburb need a business group any more?

The short answer – we believe – is ‘yes’! Why? In short, to get things done. To have a united voice when talking to all the different levels of government. To provide business advisory services. To provide a network where businesses can work together and learn with and from each other.

So when the Chamber closed, a group of Wynnum businesses who had banded together a few years ago to organise fun events and promotions in Wynnum in a project called simply ‘WynnumCentral’, decided to widen the project to become a business group, with membership open to any business in the Wynnum area and surrounding suburbs.

WynnumCentral which organised the art/craft/vintage/retro market, the Twilight Markets, the WynnumCentral shopping voucher scheme and – love it or hate it – the Republic of Wynnum, is now a part of the new Wynnum Business group.

As the group only officially launched just before Christmas, it is only just getting going now, but many events and promotions are planned this year to bring people into Wynnum Central (the launch of the currency you may have read about in last week’s Herald is an example). And members of the group who are based outside the Wynnum Central retail precinct still benefit from all of the other services offered by the new business group.

So if you run a business in or near Wynnum, you should join. You need Wynnum Business and Wynnum Business needs you! Plus we will update everyone on what’s happening in Wynnum, in this – the very first of our fortnightly columns in the Wynnum Herald.

Check out the Wynnum Business website – www.wynnumbusiness.org or call us on 07 3040 1972.

Wynnum Herald columnWed 9th May

When ‘small’ is bigger than you think

What does the phrase ‘small business’ conjure up in your mind? Is it a one man/woman band or a small shop? Well you might be surprised to know that the official definition of a small business covers businesses much larger than this. The ATO includes those with a turnover of less than $2M and the ABS lumps all businesses with less than 20 employees into this category.

So you may also be surprised to learn that if you’re in a business with less than 20 full time equivalent employees you are eligible for up to five hours expert assistance (per person) from a range of consultants in fields as diverse as law, business planning, finance, accounting, HR and marketing, delivered under the Federal Government funded Small Business Advisory Service. And consultants are all working professionals, not government employees. The service is very low cost (first hour $5, subsequent hours $25 each) and covers anything from strategy development to hands-on training. Wynnum Business is partnered with the local Small Business Advisory Service GBSBAS (gbsbas.com.au) and members of Wynnum Business can access these services at even lower cost – just $5 per hour. More info at wynnumbusiness.org.

Wynnum Central Development Notes

by Michael Jullyan of Wynnum Business member Thinktank Architects

Wynnum Central’s latest development – High Point in Chestnut Street – is set to unveil in the next week. Scaffolding is already down on the top level and the big reveal will come when the next feature level appears. Keep an eye on this new Wynnum landmark building, designed by locals, sold by locals… to locals, which will reinforce Wynnum Central as the emerging hot spot of sea change living (Thinktank are the architects on the High Point development).

In some cases the column appearing in the print edition of the Wynnum Herald may have been edited/shortened compared to the versions above.

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