Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent surveys. In fact Wynnum Business ran four different surveys…

  • Wynnum Business members
  • Wynnum businesses (ie non members)
  • Citizens of the Republic of Wynnum
  • WynnumCentral ENEWS subscribers and visitors

There were slight variations in questions, however feedback on potential projects was common to all of the surveys, and here is the summary of all of these…





As you can see there was not a huge amount of variation between them, although it’s fair to say that Citizens of the Republic were altogether more enthusiastic!

Questions that featured in the business surveys only were 1) relaunch of Shop Wynnum (online presence for Wynnum retailers) – 5.9 and 2) classified advertising on WynnumCentral website – 5.5.

When it came to Wynnum Business meeting related questions (of non members), here were the top preferences…

  • Meetings held – Mon-Fri (55.6%)
  • Time of day – After Work (44.4%)
  • Top topics – Immediate business needs (55.6%), future trends (44.4%), tours of local business/facilities (44.4%)
  • Where – cafes/restaurants (66.7%)

55.6% of non-members were interested in coming along to Wynnum Business meetings.

What do you think of these results?


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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