Bayside Hand Therapy
37 Florence Street
Bayside Hand Therapy provides specialized rehabilitation for all conditions affecting the hand, wrist and elbow. Our highly trained occupational therapists are accredited with the Australian Hand Therapy Association and have spent many years developing advanced skills in the diagnosis and treatment of hand conditions in adults and children.

Bayside Hand Therapy has been providing specialist hand rehabilitation to Bayside residents for the past 10 years. Our services include management of fractures including on the spot fabrication of splints and casts, post surgical hand therapy, treatment of sports injuries, workplace accidents, overuse conditions, and diseases such as arthritis. No referral is required. Private health rebates apply. We also treat patients under Workcover, Department of Veterans affairs, and NDIS.
Bayside Sleep Health
Level 5, 182 Bay Terrace, Wynnum.
Sleep is the most important pillar of health (ahead of diet and exercise), and is essential for daytime alertness, concentration and energy to effectively operate a business, or any other area of your busy daily functioning in the 21st century. You can “make sleep your friend”.

How well do you sleep every night? If you take longer than you would like to fall asleep, or wake during the night, worrying about work, family, or relationships while trying to sleep, you may be one of up to 30% of Australians who have symptoms of insomnia, the most common of sleep disorders.
Bayside Sleep Health can help you restore good, refreshing sleep health, by changing your current thoughts and routines around sleep.
Geoff Brearley is a registered psychologist whose area of clinical interest is in sleep disorders, and in particular, insomnia. He regularly attends continuing professional development training and conferences in the USA, about behavioral treatments for insomnia (including CBT-I), and other sleep topics. He is a Member of the Australasian Sleep Association, and a Member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (USA).
Geoff is passionate about sleep, and has established Bayside Sleep Health to help anyone living in the bayside area and beyond, to restore to good sleep health.
0409 865 607