Who can join?

If you run a business based either in Wynnum or in surrounding suburbs, you are eligible to join Wynnum Business.

How do I join?

Joining Wynnum Business is straightforward. Membership is month-to-month after the first three months of membership (no annual renewals, unless you prefer to join this way) and you can cancel whenever you like after month 3. You may pay your membership fees annually if you prefer, however we encourage you to pay either via a monthly credit card payment or via a monthly Direct Debit as we give a discount to Members using either of these methods (it substantially minimises our paperwork, allowing us to focus on delivering services to you).

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Why should I join?

Eight reasons…

1. Visible – and real – involvement in the local community
2. Effective promotion channel to local consumers
3. Inclusion in a local easy-to-use online business directory
4. Business education/training
5. Regular – and low cost – networking opportunities that work
6. A strong voice to all levels of government
7. Regular consultation with members via online polls and surveys
8. Easy in, easy out – no annual fee (unless you prefer this), just a simple month to month payment

1) Visible – and real – involvement in the local community
Wynnum Business, in conjunction with WynnumCentral and other local groups, hold regular community events and promotions aimed at the local community.

2) Effective promotion channel to local consumers
Associated entity WynnumCentral already provides a news and information service to local residents via its website, email updates and social media pages. Over 2,000 locals subscribe to its email update ENEWS and anything up to 7,000 people visit and read news on the website every month. All Wynnum Business members are acknowledged on the site as supporters and are profiled in the news section with at least one article per year (more promotional opportunities are available to Wynnum Business members at different membership levels).

3) Inclusion in a local easy-to-use online business directory
Wynnum Business members are automatically included in a business directory on WynnumCentral and one on this site. Members are also listed on the business directory on the WynnumCentral mobile app.

4) Business education
Thanks to an arrangement with the Greater Brisbane Small Business Advisory Service (GBSBAS), a federally funded business training organisation, members with less than 20 full time equivalent staff have access to heavily discounted small business advice and training in a range of fields. Wynnum Business also holds other regular business education opportunities through the year.

5) Regular networking opportunities that work
Every month (except June and December) there are two networking meetings – one in the morning (7am-8am) and one in the evening (6pm-8pm). The meetings [called ‘BIT(e)’ for ‘Business, Information, Technology (eat)’] run to a fixed schedule and in a way that maximises networking opportunities. Participation is subject only to a nominal booking fee for members – this is a 75% discount on the standard ticket price. Wynnum Business of course also welcomes non-members who would like to come along to its events. More information below.

6) A strong voice to all levels of government
Wynnum Business engages with government at local, state and national level to make sure that the views and wishes of members are made known to government and local representatives.

7) Regular consultation with members via online polls and surveys
Wynnum Business canvasses the opinions and views of members on a regular basis via online polls and surveys. Results are shared with the local population, the media and government.

8) Easy in, easy out – no annual fee, just a simple month to month payment
Fees start at $25 inc GST per month for standard membership if paid via credit card or via direct debit, with silver and gold levels for larger organisations. Membership can be cancelled at any time after the first three months of membership. See the table below to work out the best membership level for your business.

All members in addition receive small window and countertop stickers and a membership card.

Membership Options

Please check the notes below for more information on membership benefits.

Wynnum Business Membership Levels Table


Wynnum Business is offering Founder Member rates (inc GST)  – 20% reduction – for the first 100 Members as follows…

Standard Membership (Founder Rate) $20.00 per month / $264.00 per annum
Silver Membership (Founder Rate) $80.00 per month / $1056.00 per annum
Gold Membership (Founder Rate) $160.00 per month / $2112.00 per annum

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These listings appear on WynnumCentral (WC) website (all pages), in the business directory on the site and in the WynnumCentral mobile app, available for iOS and Android (free app).

Promotion participation
WynnumCentral has run various promotions to support its members, for example WynnumCentral shopping vouchers, treasure hunts, street events such as the markets, and in-app promotions. See below for a listing of proposed promotions this year.

These are news items on the WynnumCentral website. These stories are also sent via email to subscribers (via ENEWS) and shared on the WynnumCentral Facebook page. Members are given the option of approving the article before publication.

Listing on print collateral
From time to time WynnumCentral/Wynnum Business runs events/promotions and produces printed material about these. Members at Silver Membership level and above are listed on printed material.

Sponsor email
This is a separate email sent to subscribers and marked as a sponsor promotion (ie advertisement) on behalf of the member.

Banner advertising
This refers to the banner spots at the side and the top of every page on the WynnumCentral website.

Wynnum TV (launching 2018)
WynnumCentral will be starting ‘TV news’ style video coverage of news, local business and events shortly. Silver members and above are included in this project.

Event listings
Any events member organisations are holding can be listed on the events page on WynnumCentral website and on social media.

Ad Hoc editorial coverage
At the discretion of the editorial team, other editorial coverage of special events/promotions of individual members can be covered in the news section on the WynnumCentral site.

Event presence
Where WynnumCentral/Wynnum Business organises events (eg business exhibitions/markets/other events), members can take spots/stalls/tables etc at a discounted rate.

Social media support
WynnumCentral has an active Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts. Wynnum Business has a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page. Members will receive active mentions on social media platforms where they are active (ie post sharing, retweeting etc).

Industry specific publishing
WynnumCentral has run a property/real estate section (Property of the Week) and will also run other industry specific features in the future. This type of support is available to Gold level members.

Business Events
Attendance at business events is at a 75% discount for Members. Standard membership allows one person from the organisation to attend, Silver membership allows three attendees and Gold five attendees at member rates.

*Business education/training
This is via the Federal Government funded Small Business Advisory Service, operated in Brisbane by GBSBAS. A maximum of 5 hours of advice/training per eligible person at an eligible organisation (ie less than 20 FTE staff). Sessions are $5 per hour for Wynnum Business Members ($17.50 per hour for non-members).

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Membership is subject to our  Membership Terms & Conditions.