2017 Calendar

Wed 5th After Work @Active Hire Hemmant 1289 Lytton Road HEMMANT

Wed 19th Breakfast (venue TBC)

Tue 9th After Work (venue TBC)
Tue 23rd Breakfast (venue TBC)

Mon 5th After Work (venue TBC)
Mon 19th Breakfast (venue TBC)

Thu 6th After Work (venue TBC)
Thu 20th Breakfast (venue TBC)

Wed 9th After Work (venue TBC)
Wed 23rd Breakfast (venue TBC)

Tue 5th After Work (venue TBC)
Tue 19th Breakfast (venue TBC)

Mon 9th After Work (venue TBC)
Mon 23rd Breakfast (venue TBC)

Thu 9th After Work (venue TBC)
Thu 23rd Breakfast (venue TBC)

Wed 6th  After Work (venue TBC)
Wed 20th Breakfast (venue TBC)

About Wynnum Business Meetings

Unless marked otherwise, all events are our BIT(e) business networking meetings. BIT(e) stands for ‘Business Information Technology (eat)’ and every meeting features a guest speaker who gives a (very) short talk – 15 mins – on some aspect of business, information, technology, while you have something to eat.

The speaker’s brief is quite broad, and we ask all our speakers to give at least two ‘nuggets’ of information that attendees can go away and implement in their businesses for free (ie you don’t need to engage the speaker’s services!).

Click on the date to book your ticket. Tickets are $25 for Non Members and $5 for Members (Members please use the discount code to claim your $5 ticket).

Earlybird tickets are available for Non Members (breakfast meetings only) for $20 up until one week before the meeting. During the booking process we ask you for some details on your business so we can introduce you to the group at the meeting.

For breakfast meetings you also order your choice of food and drink when booking (this is of course included in the ticket price) to save precious time at the meeting.


Previous Meetings


Thu 23rd Mar Breakfast @The Coffee Club, 70 Bay Terrace WYNNUM
Thu 9th Mar After Work
 @helloworld Wynnum 106 Bay Terrace WYNNUM
Mon 27th Feb Breakfast @Monty’s Place 3/119 Glenora Street WYNNUM
Mon 13th Feb After Work @Thinktank Architects L1 70 Bay Terrace WYNNUM
Tue 17th Jan After Work @Wynnum RSL 174 Tingal Road WYNNUM


Wed 21 Dec Breakfast @The Coffee Club, 70 Bay Terrace Wynnum
Wed 07 Dec After Work @Top Katz Hair Studio 76 Florence Street Wynnum


Regular Monthly Events

How are Wynnum Business meetings different?
It is clear that many people who come along to business meetings are keen to meet new business contacts, but have limited time available for these meetings, whether during or outside business hours. Some events can also become bogged down in announcements and other business when many attendees just want the chance to meet other business people. Wynnum Business networking meetings are different in the following ways…

  • A short core meeting timeframe (1 hour), but with the option of arriving early and staying after the main event
  • All registration information – food/drink choices (for breakfast meetings), brief description of your business (‘elevator pitch’) and payment – completed online via an online booking system – saving precious time at the meeting
  • Attendance limited in number (generally no more than 30 attendees)
  • All attendees announced (and business description given in registration process read out) by an MC (this takes around 15mins) – so everyone knows who is in the room
  • A speaker (generally a current member) talks about an aspect of business they have experienced or are expert in. The rule is that they must not merely ‘spruik’ their business but must give at least two nuggets of information that would be useful to any business and that does not require a business to become a customer of theirs. Talk is for 15mins max.
  • Thirty minutes remains for networking
  • Event officially ends one hour after it starts although attendees are welcome to stay later
  • All networking events are ‘stand up’ events ie cocktail style – if a morning meeting, breakfast includes a drink and eg a croissant/bun etc, after work events, depending on location include a drink and canape style food
  • Meetings are only held at Wynnum Business member locations, and Wynnum Business and the host member split the cost of providing food/drink
  • Two meetings are held per month (one breakfast time, one after work) and, when events are fully booked anyone on the waiting list is automatically registered for the following event ahead of other registrations