What’s happening in Wynnum

If you don’t get into Wynnum as often as you’d like to, here are a few recent changes – a quick update…

  • Wynnum library set to open (see our article here) Sat 28 May
  • The new Woolworths is scheduled to open at the end of this month
  • Great Gatsby Night at the Shangri-La in aid of the Illuminations Festival (still some tickets available) Sat 28 May
  • A new hairdressing salon has opened in Edith Street next to the newsagents (in ASAP Stationery’s old shop) – called Return to Eden and they specialise in organic products
  • The Naples Pizza Bar in the Wynnum Shopping Centre (where the IGA is) is due to open in June
  • Security cameras are being installed in the awning of the empty shop front on the corner of Edith Street and Bay Terrace – perhaps this means there will soon be a new occupant?
  • The Palais – the six storey development on Bay Terrace we understand will be completed very soon – watch this space…. (the display suite is open tomorrow Sat 21st May 3.00pm-3.30pm)

+ we have something happening over the border in Manly tomorrow…

The Palais developmentHave we missed anything?

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  1. It’s great to see Wynnum coming alive Again. I remember the time when we couldn’t push a pram through Bay Terrarce on a Sat morning because of the crowd. However it was always a friendly place. I realise with the expansion in development and increase in population, it would never be the same. But having been born in Wynnum, 75 yrs ago, and lived In this area 98% of my life, I have a special love for this place and so saddened to see its decline.
    We had three movie theatres, a skating rink and by the mid to late 50s a partition was taken up for a hospital as it was felt very needed. A local gentleman had decided the need was so great, he intended leaving land for same in his will. So I’m really happy to see that piece of land is to be utilised for the new medical facility at Wynnum West. I’d like to thank all who are trying to keep this lovely suburb to revive and survive.
    Regards, an old Wynnumite.o

  2. A new class for under 5’s yoga is underway at Gundala Preschool hall, Wynnum each Wednesday at 10am. The class is play based with story telling and songs to encourage children to participate in healthy exercise and mindfulness skills that age appropriate. Run by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, yoga certification and yoga for kids training. Come for a free first trial. More information at F: Yogamotorskills or Yogamotorskills.com and [email protected]

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