Woolies opens

The new Woolworths supermarket in Florence Street opened its doors for the first time last Tuesday (24th May) at 5pm. As well as housing the new library on the first floor, the complex has a bottle shop (BWS) and a coffee shop. It remains to be seen what impact the new supermarket will have on Wynnum Central and whether it will take business away from existing retailers (eg Coles, IGA, Perry’s and the fruit shop in Edith Street) or whether it will bring more people into Wynnum Central and to Wynnum Central retailers.

We’re interested to know who will be shopping in the new Woolies – take our short (5 question) survey…

Take our Woolies survey

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  1. I think the Woolies will give supermarket shoppers more choices. Flow on effects to other retailers will be difficult to measure. Centre Managers there will have a simple calculation to forecast expectations for the BWS and the Coffee shop based on Woolies trading. That is mainly to help them calculate rents. It could put pressure on the Wynnum Plaza shops though?

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