Wynnum hit bad by cold/flu season

We don’t have any official data on this, just some anecdotal evidence that Wynnum is having a tough time with colds and flu this season:

1) We can get a space in the school car park at drop off. Normally it’s chockablock, now it’s half empty (plus the playground looks half full)
2) The pharmacies are starting to run out of medicine. To get some prescription medicine for a sick six year old, we were told by the pharmacy staff that they’d ‘run out’ and we’d have to try another pharmacy. The next pharmacy had one bottle left
3) An event we were involved with on Monday had a very low turnout, much of which was due to illness
4) The reason this update is a few days late is… you guessed it. We’ve been ill.

Image credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sneeze_in_white_hankie.jpg

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