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Wynnum is going to be a lot more brightly coloured very soon, as over 50 streetlamp banners start to appear in and around the Wynnum central shopping area. Featuring the seaside colourband and the WynnumCentral logo, each banner is being sponsored by a local business. All the banners are planned to be installed in time for the Twilight Run being held on Saturday 21st September, when anything up to 4,000 runners will converge on Wynnum.

Here’s the banner design…

Wynnum Seaside Colourband Banner










Main image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/5wa/8996999130/


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8 thoughts on “Street banners”

  1. Kenn Davis
    Stick those banners up in Wynnum and I’ll be seriously looking at moving out of the area, after having lived here since 1966.
  2. Derek Miles
    Kenn, I find your comment disappointing. Your view is not shared by the many businesses in Wynnum struggling to survive. Further, I personally don’t like to see a suburb going down the gurgler as it starts to look tatty and unkempt. It is not good for anyone. These initiatives are designed to spruce up the area. It has three fold benefits. 1. Residents will regain a bit of community pride and get to love their suburb and central shopping district – we aren’t all old and still live in sixties. 2. It will improve the look of Wynnum CBD and entice more locals back to the CBD to do their shopping instead of going to Carindale and Capalaba. 3. Small business employs thousands of locals. You kill them off and you end up with a high local unemployment. That in turn has its own problems with crime and drugs. Is this what you want to see? Kenn, get with the times and get behind a renewed community spirit.
  3. Kylie
    I think the new initiatives are fantastic. I love living here, having moved with my young family from inner Brisbane in 2009, and anything that can breathe life into the suburb and encourage new business and community investment should be supported. I am not sure what could bring about such a negative comment but I believe if Kenn does not want to appreciate enthusiasm and forward thinking it will be his loss.
  4. Michelle
    I think it is a brilliant idea. Disappointed that others don’t agree. Any efforts to try and reinvigorate our tired-looking town centre should be applauded and supported. Don’t knock it until you’ve seen it.
  5. gbear
    they look like gay rights flags or are they dulux colour samples with ugly advertisment on them,
    please take them down and stick them infront of your own homes and not directly in my view now that would
    be the nice thing to do.


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