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Oliver’s Bakehouse

There’s a new kid on the block in Edith Street – Oliver’s Bakehouse. Well, new in the sense that the bakery has had a facelift and a new name, but it is still owned by Oliver and Delia Lang, who previously traded under the name Not Just Bread.

Delia and Oliver are both originally from Romania; Oliver learnt his trade in Vienna in Austria and has brought his traditional European baking skills with him to Wynnum.

Althogh they offer a full range of normal wheat-based bread, Oliver’s Bakehouse specialises in baking bread made with spelt. Some people who have gluten intolerances find spelt bread is easier to digest, plus spelt bread tastes much more like regular wheat bread than gluten free breads, and so it can also be a good choice especially for younger children with gluten intolerances (they’ll actually eat it!). Oliver and Delia pride themselves on baking the bread every day on the premises and do not use preservatives or additives in their products.

Pop in and find out more about their spelt, rye and sourdough breads.

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