Mystery of Wynnum Bumper Stickers

Are they being stuck in the wrong places?

Since the Wynnum Chamber Redevelopment Taskforce kicked off the Wynnum brand update, thousands of stickers have been given out to Wynnum residents. The mystery is – where are they all? We’ve started to see quite a few on car bumpers and rear windows, but certainly not the thousands that have been distributed.

We’re pretty certain that quite a few of the stickers given away to students at Wynnum State School ended up on bedroom doors and pencil cases rather than on cars (if our house is anything to go by).

So this week we’re asking you to take pictures of bumper stickers you see stuck in ‘interesting places’* and send them in to us at WynnumCentral (send them to [email protected]) and we’ll award a prize to the best one – $50 in WynnumCentral shopping vouchers.

*please keep it clean…

Photo: Does this man talk too much?

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